Brower Aerial Imaging, LLC, (BAI) owns and operates a twin-engine Cessna 310A aircraft.

BAI has installed two PhaseOne Model iXU-RS1000 cameras supported by an Applanix GPS/IMU system and mounted on a Leica POS stable platform. One camera is a tricolor camera that captures co-registered sets of reflected red-light (RL), green-light (GL), and blue-light (BL) images. The other camera collects an achromatic image with a band-pass filter for reflected near-infrared radiation (NIR).

When these four multispectral (MS) images are merged, the result is a set of scientifically valid 100 megapixel images for RL, GL, BL, and NIR. A typical ground resolution from 3,000 feet AGL is 8 cm (3.3 inches).

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