Airborne Imaging

As the Cessna aircraft flies along each flight line, the two PhaseOne cameras are triggered (both at the same instant of time). The PhaseOne system saves the collected images as PhaseOne “raw” image files known as IIQ files. Since the cameras are receiving GPS positional data and GPS time data, each pair of images has the same date/time stamp and the same GPS data.

Each colored dot is where the aircraft was for each of the passes over the citrus orchard.

The purple (magenta) dot is the next image.

This image is of the area where the purple dot is in the image to the left.

The image covers 49 rows of citrus trees

Full-Resolution (1X) View

Row to row distance: 24 to 25 feet

The aircraft took images along three general flight lines. Half of the images were taken about 900 ft AGL. The other half were taken about 500 ft AGL. Image taken at 907 feet ABL when the aircraft was heading westward. There was ZERO side lap between flight lines (due to the low altitude AGL).

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